Permanent make-up: Important information about methods and costs

The perfect look at any time, thanks to permanent make-up

A smudge-proof lipstick, perfectly defined eyebrows and expressive eyes from getting up to going to bed without daily make-up, make-up removal and regular touch-ups? Sounds almost too good to be true? With permanent make-up you can look perfect at any time and the best thing is: you decide how subtle or expressive the effect should be.

When it comes to permanent make-up, you think of bold, unnatural looking eyebrows and sharply shaped lips? Then you only know old techniques. With the latest PMU technology and techniques, super precise and gentle permanent make-up devices and high quality pigments, wonderful results can be achieved, from natural to expressive.

Does a permanent make-up last forever, just like a tattoo?

Contrary to what the name suggests, permanent make-up does not last forever. Other than a tattoo, with permanent make-up the colours are only applied to the top layers of the skin. A tattoo device penetrates deeper into the skin, so the colours last “forever”. The devices also work with different technology, which is important to know and distinguish: a tattoo machine works with more force (hubs) and pierces deeper into the skin, and the needle does not “move” exactly straight and therefore affects the skin more (easily recognizable by crust formation), a permanent make-up device works more precisely and gently, in order to make even the finest eyebrow hairstroke design possible. High-quality devices are characterized especially by the fact that the skin is less affected and no crusts form after the treatment, minimizing the riks of scarring or uneven colour. Last but not least, you / your PMU Artist should only use permanent make-up pigmentation colour that has been developed for the use with a micropigmentation machine. This is important because micropigmentation colours (pigments) are specifically designed for this purpose and their formulas are based on skin tones, eye colours, and hair colours for a natural look.

What is the difference between permanent make-up and microblading?

Permanent make-up is the generic term for a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo. A distinction is made between two technologies: the PMU with device and the PMU without device, to explain it in simplified terms. With the “classic” PMU with a machine (micropigmenting device), also called micropigmentation, the colour is applied dot by dot into the skin with the help of a needle and adjustable hub. Microblading uses a simple pen (without a motor), at the end of which several needles are attached in a row like a blade and the lines, e.g. for drawing hairs on the eyebrows, are scratched / cut into the skin. The blader uses individual pressure, paired with his/her it determines how deep the skin is cut. Scabs form and the risk of scarring is increased, depending on the ability of the blader, or the colour may fall off with the scab.

What does a permanent make-up treatment cost?

Prices vary a lot. With microblading, the costs are often lower, around 250 euros, and you usually pay for each individual treatment. For pigmentation with a device, depending on the PMU artist, you pay between 350 – 750 euros for an eyebrow hair drawing or powder shading as well as ombré eyebrows. For many, post-treatment is included in the price as well as re-pigmentation. Lip pigmentation usually costs around 150 euros more and is usually in the range of 450 – 950 euros. But there are big price differences. However, the price should not be the decisive criterion for permanent make-up as permanent make-up is a matter of trust!

When choosing a permanent make-up studio, pay attention to the following:

  • Training of the PMU artist (brand, duration, certified training academy e.g. TÜV)
  • Which brands are used for equipment and colours?
  • Hygiene is the be-all and end-all, it doesn’t have to be a luxurious ambience, but it has to be clean
  • Detailed consultation, with a preliminary drawing, to see what your permanent make-up look could look like
  • Course of treatment (consultation, anamnesis, preliminary drawing, implementation, aftercare instructions, etc.)
  • Recommendation from family, friends or colleagues?
  • Are there pictures of the work of the PMU Artist?

Ultimately, the gut feeling is decisive, you have to feel comfortable with the PMU artist of your choice and have trust in his/her skills.

For more information on how to prepare for a permanent makeup session for eyebrows, lips and eyeliner and what to be aware of after the treatment, check our PMU lexicon.

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