Advanced level training




The premium training for pmu professionals.
Certificate: "ELITE LINERGIST®"





DATES 2023

11. - 15. September
04. - 08. December

DATES 2024

22. - 26. January
11. - 15. March
17. - 21. June
02. - 06. September
21. - 25. October
18. - 22. November

Details & Costs

ELITE: The premium permanent make up training for professionals

  • Seminar duration: 5 days, Monday to Friday, all day
  • Cost: € 1,995.- plus applicable VAT

Premium training

  • Perfection of finest eyebrow hair strokes
  • Ombré Eyebrows
  • Nude Lips
  • Perfecting pre-drawing and micropigmentation techniques
  • Retouch and correction “Know-How” for Permanent Make Up
  • Colour theory
  • Legal requirements


ELITE License Prolongation

The license prolongation of our premium training for professionals.



Only for professionals with “ELITE LINERGIST®” certificate


DATES 2023

11. - 13. September
04. - 06. December

DATES 2024

22. - 24. January
11. - 13. March
17. - 19. June
02. - 04. September
21. - 23. October
18. - 20. November

Details & Costs

ELITE License Prolongation: The license prolongation of our premium training for professionals

  • Seminar duration: 3 days, Monday-Wednesday, all day
  • Cost: € 1.500,- plus applicable VAT


  • Drawing of finest hair strokes
  • Ombré Eyebrows
  • Nude Lips
  • Perfecting pre-drawing and micropigmentation techniques
  • Retouch and correction „Know-How“ for Permanent Make Up



Exclusive elite training for the “best”. Limited TOP license.
Certificate: "ELITE TOP LINERGIST® "



Only for participants holding an “ELITE” certificate and proof of a current qualification.


DATES 2023

09. - 11. October
04. - 06. December

DATES 2024

14. - 16. February
27. - 29. May
22. - 24. July
28. - 30. October
16. - 18. December

Details & Costs
ELITE TOP: Exclusive ELITE training for the “best”
  • Seminar duration: 3 days, all day
  • Cost: € 1,500.- plus applicable VAT

Limited TOP license

  • Advanced sophisticated shading techniques
  • Shaded eyeliner
  • Perfecting the drawing of finest hair stroke eyebrows
  • Lip Blushing, Ombré Lips: advanced lip tattoo techniques
  • Update pigmentation colors (new pigments, mix & match of pmu colors, etc.)





Help improve the life quality of your clients. Customers in the fields of oral and maxillo-facial surgery, dermatology, gynaecology, oncology, trauma and plastic surgery will benefit from your kownledge of these body pigmentation techniques.
Certificate: “Concealing and Camouflage Micropigmentation”



Experienced Linergists.


DATES 2023

04. - 06. October (fully booked!)

DATES 2024

18. - 20. March
30. September - 02. October

Details & Costs
  • Seminar duration: 3 days, all day
  • Cost: € 1,995.- plus applicable VAT


  • Areola micropigmentation after breast surgery
  • Scar micropigmentation after surgical intervention, for burn victims, etc.
  • Micropigmentation in case of alopecia
  • Micropigmentation before chemotherapy
  • Vitiligo micropigmentation



Excite your clients with sophisticated techniques and new trends such as Ombré Eyebrows or Lip Blushing! Our Masterclasses are held by national and international micropigmentation professionals who will demonstrate the new techniques and guide you with tips and tricks.


PMU Professionals

Special Training Day

You can book a special training day which we will adapt to your specific individual needs and wishes.


Existing licence

Details & Costs
Special Training Day
  • 1 day, all day
  • The training seminar can be booked throughout the year. Please contact us to check availability for your desired date.
  • Cost: € 700,- plus applicable VAT

I do attach great importance to quality and excellent training in all areas of my business, this is why Long-Time-Liner is the only alternative for me. Their products and trainings allow me to make my business very profitable and help me to significantly stand out from my competitors.

Ines Elsner

REVIDERM skinmedics magdeburg

At the beginning of my career 20 years ago I saw a wonderful Permanent Make up on one of my clients. I was so impressed by it that I decided to learn more about Permanent Make up. In my research I found LTL, went to Germany and met a wonderful, authentic and reliable brand that I brought to Poland afterwards. I have been working with LTL for 20 years now and have never been disappointed. Thanks to this brand I am extremely successful in my work.

Magda Bogulak

Centrum Makijażu Permanentnego

A unique device technology, brilliant and rich colors as well as an excellent and personal support also after the trainings. Great.

Monika Bußer

Ruhe-Insel, Wellness & Beauty Spa

I decided to work with Long-Time-Liner because I wasn’t happy with the training at one of the competitors. What is really special here is that you never feel left alone – it felt like every student had her own trainer and contact person who was always available to answer questions or solve a problem, make suggestions and give tips.

Olga Nissen


For me, LTL not only stands for high quality pigments, but also for perfectly tailored devices and liners. The absolute and mutual trust in our partnership is to be specially highlighted. In my view the best company to achieve extraordinary results on your clients.

Valeriya Barchenko

Академия Совершенства

Safety and quality are very important to me, this is why I chose a gentle pigmentation. The certification of the institute through the TÜV convinced me and gave me security.

Verena Wöhling

FACHINSTITUT für Permanent Make Up