Our PMU Training Concept

With the professional trainings in our PMU training academy, our high quality precision pmu devices and premium pmu pigments we are your all-in-one PMU supplier for everything you need to offer your clients an unrivalled Premium Permanent Make-up. 

We offer you a solid and highly professional pmu training concept from theory to practice with more than 35 years of experience in educating professionals and over 15.000 successful trainings.

An aesthetic Permanent Make Up is individual, type matching and looks absolutely natural. Multi-faceted techniques such as the finest hairstrokes and a delicate ombré shading for perfectly defined eyebrows, LashLine enhancement or (shaded) eyeliner for a seductive eye make-up and harmonious lips with kiss-proof color from nude to sexy red – we teach you how to achieve a precise, naturally looking, beautiful result.

We at LONG-TIME-LINER® attach a lot of importance to the fact that you learn to micropigment a light, soft and natural looking Permanent Make-up during your PMU training, because every look can be intensified upon a clients‘ wish, but not vice versa. That is why a sound Permanent Make-up training that lasts a couple of weeks is so important.

Long-Time-Liner PERMANENT MAKE-UP Training

The classic training path for beginners at LONG-TIME-LINER is as follows:

Theoretical basics & pre-drawing technique

It all starts with a week in which you learn the theoretical basics and the pre-drawing technique. The pre-drawing technique is fundamental for a professional micropigmentation as it is the basis and template for your work. Furthermore, your client sees how the Permanent Make Up could look on her/him and you are sure to fulfil your clients’ wish.

PMU Colour Theory

The training will be accompanied by the colour theory in which you learn all the essentials on how different pigments work in different skin types to pick the right pigment for your client.

Micropigmentation Techniques

This all will be followed by two weeks in which you will actually learn to micropigment with our gentle high precision device. You will learn different eyebrow, eye and lip techniques, our signature method – first on artificial skin and then on models – always accompanied by one of our trainers.

Permanent Make Up

is a matter of trust.

Permanent Make Up is one of the most sought after and most common beauty treatments today and is used to emphasize the natural beauty. Several thousand trained Linergists® worldwide have started their careers with Long-Time-Liner® and given us their trust.

Honor us with your trust and put your permanent make up training into our qualified hands. The premium brand LONG-TIME-LINER® offers you numerous advantages – 35 years of experience, extremely precise devices – made in Germany – and in-house developed, EU-compliant pigments with the lowest possible allergy potential.

These Long-Time-Liner® features will benefit your business and help you build a loyal customer base.


The great advantage of a LONG-TIME-LINER® PMU training.

Our Premium Permanent Make Up training and top equipment, helps tp allow you to offer your treatments in the premium price segment above average. We strongly believe that a high-quality Permanent Make-up can not be learned in a few days.

With LONG-TIME-LINER® you complete a training that lives up to its name. While a weekend crash course only picks up on techniques and knowledge on the surface, with our intensive training concept you will achieve aesthetics, precision and perfection.

Permanent Make Up is a matter of trust. Your customers put their face in your hands and trust you for a professional, high quality treatment with a result that they will enjoy for years because it enhances their natural beauty or hide subtle flaws.

Design your career yourself

With our individual training program.

Get informed about the entire Long Time Liner training offer.

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