Permanent Make Up Investment

You are considering expanding the services for your clients and offering Permanent Make Up in your studio, but you are unsure if it is worth the investment?

We say YES!
And we also tell you why.

Permanent Make Up

The chances for your institute.

  • With a wider range of services, you can also serve those of your customers who want permanent make up.
  • Refreshments of the permanent make up are recommended on a yearly basis, leading to customers loyalty for the long term. Customers who are satisfied with their permanent make up will come back again and again and also will recommend you and by that create new business for you!
  • You will raise the profitability of your institute (about 150 – 500 € sales per hour) with permanent make up treatments.
  • With regular trainings you can position yourself as a trusted professional linergist in your nearby and wider surroundings.

The decision to offer permanent make up in your studio of course is an investment. Understandably, this may seem discouraging at first, so we would like to show you how quickly you can recoup the investment by relying on us as the market leader* with our TÜV certified permanent make up training.

* In the PMU Premium segment in Germany. Source: Confluentes study Germany June 2016



For your beginner training including PMU device with the Premium Permanent Make Up market leader*.

The training for beginners including a professional PMU device – our Conture® Liner DUO – costs €10.000,- with LONG-TIME-LINER®.

Thanks to the intensive and sound three-week training, our well-known brand and our high-quality pigmentation colours and devices Made in Germany, you can charge a higher treatment price for your permanent make up treatments compared to PMU artists who work with cheap devices and colours.

Permanent Make Up treatment prices

Example Permanent Make Up eyebrows

PMU treatment

example eyebrows

Our LONG-TIME-LINER® partners offer an eyebrow pigmentation for about € 490,- to € 750,- and therefore are in the premium segment.

€ 490,- bis € 800,-

€ 350,- bis € 500,-

€ 200,- bis € 350,-

Investment beginner training

When are my expenses covered by the resulting income?

The material input costs for a permanent make up treatment is rather low and ranges around € 40,- for two treatments (including retouch included in the basis price). Even if you are in the lower price level of the premium segment, the margin will be around € 450,- for new pigmentations.

After about 22 new pigmentations, the initial investment is covered and you have earned about € 10.000, – with permanent make up treatments. 


including PMU device € 10.000,-


     MATERIAL INPUT COST about €40,- for 2 treatments
     (retouch included)

      (Disposable module, gloves, cleansing milk, skin disinfection, pigmentation
      colour, pre-drawing pencils)

MATERIAL INPUT COST about €40,- for 2 treatments
(retouch included)

(Disposable module, gloves, cleansing milk, skin disinfection, pigmentation colour, pre-drawing pencils)

  altogether about 4 – 5 hours

  (including consultation and post-treatment)

20 – 22 new PIGMENTATIONS 
  until the costs of your initial investment
are covered.

Design your own career path

With our individual training program.

With our individual training program?

We are happy to answer all your questions in personal, whether it is via phone or at a free and non-binding trial day, to which we cordially invite you to our TÜV certified training center in Munich (Please make an appointment for the trial day).

Phone: +49 (0)89 / 24 20 90 0
E-Mail: info@long-time-liner.com oder schulung@long-time-liner.com

Find out about your options for permanent make-up training at LONG-TIME-LINER®.



The education and training concept
As market leader in the premium sector of Permanent Make-up in Germany, we offer you the right basis thanks to a TÜV-certified training programme.

Please select:
Are you a beginner, a “Stylist” switching from other micropigmentation systems or are you interested in advanced training?


Start big.

PMU Artists (non-LTL)

Switch to the best!

Advanced training

For professionals, updates, masterclasses.

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Are you a beginner, a PMU artist (non-LTL) or are you interested in advanced training?

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