Almost every women dreams of having lashes that look long, full and beautifully curled. But what if the eyelashes are sparse and thin?

Discover LashLine Enhancement with LONG-TIME-LINER®

The new Permanent Make Up trend for a fuller and thicker looking eyelash line.

There are many options to make your eyelashes look fuller, longer and curled.

But all techniques have one common disadvantage: they do not really last that long. Lash extensions need to be taken care of and regularly “refreshed”, artificial lashes are glued and don’t last for months and classic Make Up needs to be put on every day.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a solution that makes your lashes look fuller – permanently?

Discover LashLine Enhancement


How does it work?
Our micropigmentation device pigments a superfine lash line with the desired colour. We use an ultra fine needle for an exceptionally precise and gentle pigmentation. The colour is brought into the skin between the single lashes and in a very thin line along the lashline. With this technique we create a fuller looking lashline without making it look like an eyeliner.

Below: Lisa-Marie before the micropigmentation.

Below: Lisa-Marie after the micropigmentation.

How long does it last?
The durability of a lashline micropigmentation is individually different. Amongst other it depends on the intensity of the pigmentation, the colour used, the natural skin renewal process and external factors such as sun exposure etc. A LashLine Enhancement lasts several years, but we recommend a yearly colour refresh treatment.

What makes LashLine Enhancement

with LONG-TIME-LINER® so special?

  • Thanks to our LONG-TIME-LINER® Conture® Make-up unique magnetic motor – that ensures a super exact needle guidance – we can offer a micropigmentation which is particularly gentle to the skin. Developed and manufactured in Germany by LONG-TIME-LINER®, the Conture®-Liner DUO is one of the most precise pigmentation devices on the market offering an ultra gentle pigmentation with our one-needle technique without damaging the deeper skin layers.
  • For a perfect looking permanent make up result, LONG-TIME-LINER® offers top pigments with the lowest allergy potential, excellent colour stability and perfectly adaptable coverage.


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