Permanent Make Up EYEBROWS planning

How to plan correctly!


Are you planning a pigmentation of your eyebrows?
Whether you will choose natural-looking hairstrokes, ombré shading, powder brows or microshading:

We will prepare you with some tips to help you know what to expect and tell you what to keep in mind after treatment.



PMU Eyebrows: Planning for the best results

Before each treatment, your Linergist® will discuss with you the exact treatment procedure and your individual customer questionnaire.
But what can you do to best prepare yourself in advance?

BEFORE THE TREATMENT, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • Each micropigmentation usually requires 2 treatments with the period of 2-3 weeks in between (the second appointment is for the touch up and perfection of the brows)
  • Do not drink alcohol the day before treatment and up until the treatment
  • Do not take aspirin or other blood thinning medicines or supplements starting the day before treatment
  • If you regularly need to take blood-thinning medication, it is important to check in advance with your doctor if PMU treatment is possible and if you should and are allowed to stop taking the medication
  • Do not sunbathe excessively in order to avoid redness or sunburn on the face
  • No intensive peels or facials (Microdermabrasion, Botox, fruit acid scrub, etc.)
  • Do not use eyebrow serum (growth serum) for 6-8 weeks before treatment!



if you suffer from an illness (acute or chronic) and / or need to take medication regularly, inform your micropigmentation professional and always consult your doctor before receiving pigmentation. In some cases, treatment is not possible (colds, hay fever, flu, infections, chemotherapy, blood thinning medication, weakened immune system, etc.).


Do you suffer from allergies? Professional Permanent Make Up Studios will discuss this with you and offer to test the PMU in a small, concealed location prior to treatment. Your studio can also contact the company with the information from your allergy pass to clarify ingredients if necessary.


During pregnancy and whilst breast-feeding a permanent make-up treatment is not possible / recommended. The altered hormonal balance may cause pigments to be inferiorly absorbed by the skin and the skin itself may react different than usual. In the extremely rare case that and an allergic reaction occurs, the use of e.g. antibiotics may be necessary (this is extremely rare, but we prefer to be safe and therefore do not pigment during pregnancy and lactation). Plus, the pain sensitivity may be increased. A micropigmentation treatment is not a wellness treatment. It is stress and pain for the body that should be avoided during that time.



Can I go out after my micropigmentation treatment?”

After treatment, you should expect a slight swelling (rarely in eyebrow pigmentations) and slight reddening of the skin. In rare cases, a small amount of lymph can escape in the hours immediately after the treatment. Swellings usually resolve within 2-3 hours after treatment.

Because a Long-Time-Liner treatment is relatively gentle and the eyebrows usually does not form crusts (as the skin is not cut or scratched, for example), you are good to go about your normal life the following day. Nonetheless, in the 2 weeks after the treatment, you may feel a slight sensitivity in the skin and it can feel and look a little dry.

After your treatment, you will receive an after care guide and product recommendations for the healing process and things you should avoid in the week / two weeks after the treatment as long as the healing is not completed. Furthermore, you must also keep your follow up appointment for a post-treatment, which should ideally take place 2-3 weeks after the initial pigmentation.

I go on vacation shortly after the Permanent Make Up treatment, what should I consider?

Generally, we recommend that you do not receive permanent make-up treatment shortly (2-3 weeks) before a vacation:

  • As a rule, a follow-up appointment takes place after 2-3 weeks
  • The process of healing is usually shorter with Long-Time-Liner as the skin is less affected due to our gentle pigmentation method and device, but you should plan an average healing process of 2 weeks
  • Strong sun or salt and chlorine water exposure and highly oily or greasy care products (for example, in sunscreen) can have a negative effect on the healing process and the colour development/retention of your pigmentation 

Following these rules will help protect your permanent make up, allowing you to enjoy it even longer!

BEFORE the treatment

AFTER the treatment

Did you know that …

LONG-TIME-LINER® is famous for its pigments?

Our pigmentation colours
  • are used worldwide in over forty countries
  • are based on over 30 years of pmu expertise
  • are produced in Germany according to EU directives
  • have perfect coverage, excellent colour brilliance and stability
  • have a low allergy potential
  • are animal cruelty-free

Did you know that …

our micropigmentation devices are among the highest quality on the market?

Our pmu devices
  • pigment with absolute precision
  • allow for a particularly skin-friendly pigmentation
  • ensure an exact needle guidance
  • contour and shade very gently
  • deposit the pigmentation colour evenly into the skin
  • support a short healing process

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