PMU lip correction

Full-looking lips with permanent make-up – an alternative or addition to medical beauty treatments

Beautiful, full, perfectly defined lips are not only trendy … women, but also increasingly men of all ages love well-groomed lips and seek help from beauty professionals.

Full-looking lips with permanent make-up

Full-looking lips with permanent make-up


Variety of options

Micropigmentation of the lip as part of a permanent make-up treatment is a very good way to make the lips look fuller and more defined.

From lip blushing to nude lips to expressive type-specific lip colour according to individual customer requirements, a lip PMU offers a variety of options that hardly leave any customer wish unfulfilled.

and a constantly growing market.

– Before –

– After –

Lucrative beauty services

Hyaluron & Co. are often used to make the lips look fuller.

But as a beautician you can also offer other treatments that can increase sales many times over – but are they particularly profitable?

Good to know: Permanent make-up treatments are among the most lucrative beauty services, with lip pigmentation being one of the most expensive treatments with prices averaging 500-900 euros for new pigmentation.

Top PMU artists even achieve prices of up to 1.200 euros per new treatment in the premium segment.

Permanent make-up treatments are among


In addition to talent and experience, permanent make-up training and the choice of device and colour play an important role for later price positioning, especially at the beginning.

A well-founded education in theory and practice with a focus on

  • the perfect preliminary drawing (an absolute MUST for good pigmentation and top customer consultation)
  • detailed colour theory (essential for type-specific customer advice when choosing colours for achieving the desired result) and of course
  • exercise under trainer coaching instructions with a small supervision key (e.g. 2 students per trainer).

plays an important role for later price positioning.

The right provider

Important comparison criteria when choosing the right provider for you:

Find out in detail and compare

  • training costs per day and content as well as
  • other quality features such as certifications (TÜV) and
  • tested product quality as well as
  • brand awareness and network and
  • the aftercare offered after the training

before you choose a provider.


Everyone can become a PMU professional, no special previous education is required.

Depending on whether you want to get startet in order to completely change your career or if you are a beauty professional wanting to expand your business with a very profitable treatment for your clients or if you are a PMU artist wanting to work with us – at LONG-TIME-LINER we offer special training courses that take into account and build on previous knowledge to offer your the right training for your needs.



PMU education in the premium segment

A PMU education, especially in the Premium Segment, often comes with a bit higher investment need into education and pmu device.

But: the invemstment plus the relatively low material cost per treatment make the treatments more profitable than others.

Can a lip pigmentation replace medical beauty treatment?

Nude pigmentation technology

What does the customer want? Would you like a subtle, very natural effect or would you like a little more colour?

We have been offering nude pigmentation technology (also known as lipblushing) at Long-Time-Liner since 2017 to make lips look fuller but also more defined. The natural looking effect is crucial, you shouldn’t see that something has been done.


The right nude technique is more than “just” the use of nude pigment colours, as our PMU expert Jutta Mrugalla explains and at the same time shows why and how lip pigmentation can always be a supplement to a medical beauty treatment.

Nude Lips – THE must-have lip pigmentation technique!

What has long been a trend in decorative make-up has entered the permanent make-up scene in 2017 – the nude lips! What happens during a nude lip pigmentation treatment and why is it not so easy to work with this micropigmentation technique?

“Basically, there is a distinction between classic lip pigmentation and nude lips.

With classic lip pigmentation, a contour is usually pigmented or a sharp boundary, i.e. a contour can be seen. This is not the case with the nude lips and should not be so. The contour must look “blurry” and out of focus, for the perfect nude look.

But how is this to be implemented in pigmentation?

At the beginning of the treatment, it is definitely important to mark the lip perfectly so that the possible enlargement or adjustment of the lips is shown in detail and brought closer to the customer. As a rule, some lip size is gained during the adjustment, since the lips of every customer have minor irregularities in the shape and these need to be compensated. The resulting space between the natural lip and the new contour must be adjusted in any case – with a pigmentation colour that matches the natural lip colour. Regardless of which lip pigmentation is to be achieved, classic or nude lips, this is the same process. If you have selected a pigment colour – similar to the lip tone, the contour is pigmented based on the drawing and the resulting new space is shaded to your own lip – this process creates a uniform looking lip.

At LTL we work the contour and shading area of ​​the lip pigmentation with a 1pt needle for a delicate result. Then choose a very powdery natural colour for the nude effect and pigment the contour and the entire shade in the same pass. Now the powdery nude colour softens the contour of the initial pigmentation and also the shading.

In order to get an even more natural looking result in the contour, there is a technical tweak that is carried out by particularly experienced ELITE Linergists®: With a neutral skin colour, usually a light, cool beige, you can slightly soften the contour from the outside ” break up ”, you shouldn’t really see it, but as I said, this is a bit difficult and is part of our training and requires some experience and practice. After approx. 2 weeks, minor colour irregularities can be harmonized in the rework – and the result is a delicate, powdery lip pigmentation in nude tones.

Due to the high demand by many customers, including PMU in your services is one of the best sales opportunities, since the profit margin is very high due to the relatively low material costs and comparatively high treatment prices. Even if you already offer filler treatments with hyaluronic acid, PMU integrates perfectly, please consider that the injection should definitely be done after treatment with PMU. The advantage then is that the perfect shape is intensified or emphasized by the PMU and can therefore be underlined much easier with the injection.”

Jutta Mrugalla


Advantages of lip pigmentation

Absolutely natural looking lip contours

A major advantage of lip pigmentation is that even missing or no longer well-defined lip contours can be created that look absolutely natural.

At the same time, the lip – especially with pale lips – can be given a natural, rosy-fresh colour and, if desired, the lips shine in the favorite lip colour.

Unevenness and asymmetries can be corrected

Unevenness and asymmetries can be subtly corrected

Even with Fordyce glands on the lips (ectopic sebum glands on the lips), where white-yellowish visible sebum glands make the lips look pale and uneven, lip pigmentation can give a visually even appearance.

As always, the same applies to a
natural-looking result: LESS IS MORE. 

No overdraw

Under no circumstances should the natural lip be overdrawn because the skin texture differs and the pigment colour is absorbed differently.

This can lead to uneven results in particular if the lip PMU fades over time and especially if particularly intensive colours are chosen.

EXCEPTION: treatments by professionals who master the technology perfectly. They know how far they can go beyond the contour and have the skills to prevent negative effects and still make the result look natural.

This way, a beautiful result can also be achieved with e.g. a cleft lip.

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