Permanent Make Up PROTECTION

Enjoying summer with your PMU

Are you planning a permanent make up treatment or have you been recently pigmented?

We’ll tell you everything you need to know in order to enjoy your permanent make up for a very long time. In addition to the usual care routine, here are some special summer tips you should pay special attention to.

PMU Protection in the Summer

Summer, sun, beach and sea…

Maybe you are looking forward to the upcoming coming sunbathing season or you’ve planned a beach vacation to escape winter. Your PMU eyebrows sit perfectly, your smudge-proof eyeliner can easily withstand water-skiing adventures, and your everlasting lip colour lets you look fresh and well-groomed day and night.

Unfortunately, fun in the sun and salty or chlorinated water comes with reactions to your PMU that you should consider.

How to protect your PMU

SPF is a must!

Naturally, products with SPF are always recommended, especially in the summer and even more especially on pigmented skin.

  • Use at least SPF 50 on pigmented areas
  • If swimming, always use water-resistant sunscreen to protect your PMU
  • Protect your face from direct sunlight as much as possible i.e with a cute wide brimmed sun hat

After swimming in the sea or pool

  • Salt and chlorine have a bleaching effect on the skin, so always rinse your face with fresh water
  • Reapply moisturizer (with sunscreen) regularly, if your skin feels sore or tight, it is too dry!
  • Dry off well, water on the skin acts like a magnifying glass for sun rays

Avoid sunburns

Always – regardless of pigmentation – avoid sunburns!

I go on vacation shortly after the Permanent Make Up treatment, what should I consider?

Generally, we recommend that you do not receive permanent make-up treatment shortly (2-3 weeks) before a vacation:

  • As a rule, a follow-up appointment takes place after 2-3 weeks
  • The process of healing is usually shorter with Long-Time-Liner as the skin is less affected due to our gentle pigmentation method and device, but you should plan an average healing process of 2 weeks
  • Strong sun or salt and chlorine water exposure and highly oily or greasy care products (for example, in sunscreen) can have a negative effect on the healing process and the colour development/retention of your pigmentation 

Following these rules will help protect your permanent make up, allowing you to enjoy it even longer!

Did you know that …

LONG-TIME-LINER® is famous for its pigments?

Our pigmentation colours
  • are used worldwide in over forty countries
  • are based on over 30 years of pmu expertise
  • are produced in Germany according to EU directives
  • have perfect coverage, excellent colour brilliance and stability
  • have a low allergy potential
  • are animal cruelty-free

Did you know that …

our micropigmentation devices are among the highest quality on the market?

Our pmu devices
  • pigment with absolute precision
  • allow for a particularly skin-friendly pigmentation
  • ensure an exact needle guidance
  • contour and shade very gently
  • deposit the pigmentation colour evenly into the skin
  • support a short healing process

More about Long-Time-Liner

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