How to become a permanent make-up artist

You have heard of the growing success and huge request for permanent make up services?

You searched some information and found out that becoming a pmu artist offers lucrative income opportunities?

Would you like to start a new, successful business in the cosmetics industry or add a very profitable application to your existing offer of beauty treatments?


Your successful business with permanent make-up as Linergist® with LONG-TIME-LINER®

We will show you the potential for success with permanent make-up and explain to you why thorough training and recognized certificates are important and also have a positive effect on your pricing.


A good permanent make-up is individual, type-appropriate and looks absolutely natural. From the finest hair by hair eyebrows, microshading to delicate ombré or powder brows for perfectly defined permanent make-up eyebrows. Ultra fine Lash Line enhancement (infralashes) to make lashes look fuller or a permanent eyeliner for seductive eye make-up and lips with a kiss-proof colour from nude to sexy red – permanent make-up has long ceased to stand for hard lip contours and heavy eyebrows.

At LONG-TIME-LINER®, it is important to us that you learn to pigment gently and lightly for a natural-looking pmu. During your pmu training in our TÜV-certified (ISO9001) permanent make-up training academy in Munich, Germany you will learn the most natural look during your basic permanent make-up class – because every look can be intensified at your clients’ request, but not the other way around. Therefore, a well-founded training over 10-15 days is immensely important for pmu beginners.

Permanent make up basic training – what do I learn?

With the Long-Time-Liner® basic pmu training, you learn the following techniques:


  • Finest, natural-looking hair-by-hair eyebrow

  • Powder Brows


  • Lash line enhancement on the upper and lower eyelash line (infralashes)
  • Classic permanent eyeliner


  • Full shaded permanent lips including lip contour

How does a typical permanent make up basic training look like for absolute pmu beginners?
(3 weeks / 15 days, all day. Weeks can be split.)

  • You start with a week in which you learn theoretical basics and the technique of permanent make-up pre-drawing. This is an absolute prerequisite for good pigmentation, because it forms the basis, the template for your work. In addition, the customer gets a precise idea of ​​what her permanent make-up look would look like and you are sure to work according to the customer’s wishes.
  • The pmu theory classes also consist  of in depth pmu colour theory as it is crucial to know how micropigmentation colours / pmu inks are composed, how the different pigments work with the natural skin undertones, how the colors can be mixed to find the ideal colours for your clients.
  • Permanent make up hygiene, client questionnaire including health questions, legal questions, pmu insurance and of course marketing including social media complete your permanent make up theory training part.
  • The theory is followed by two weeks of intensive pmu training in which you learn different permanent make-up techniques on exercise mats and of course on models –  always accompanied by one of our experienced pmu trainers.

Why does the pmu training at Long-Time-Liner take 10 – 15 days?

With us, you will learn all the basics that you need for a successful start in the PMU business. In addition to sound theory for safe handling of our gentle and ultra precise pmu machine as well as the right choice of colour for each customer, it is important to us that you practice as much as possible. From the exercise mat to the models, after your training you should feel safe in order to be able to offer your customers professional treatment right from the start. Permanent make-up is a great matter of trust, your safety brings trust. We support this safety with a TÜV-certified training academy, which is immediately visible to your customers on your certificate if you are trained in our academy in Munich.

Whether you need 10 or 15 days of training is evaluated by our pmu training experts before you book your pmu basic training course with us. It depends on different aspects and is always evaluated individually: experience in cosmetics treatments (skin treatment, hydrafacial, microdermabrasion, microneedling, lash extension, brow liftig, lash lifting, make up artist, hair stylist, brow stylist etc.), already offer microblading, rolling brows or any other pmu treatment etc. Of course, you can also start your pmu career with no previous work experience in beauty services.


Due to the current pandemic situation worldwide, we do also offer our permanent make-up theory as online training classes via ZOOM. So you can do all the theoretical part from home and come to our training academy in Munich, Germany or to one of our franchise partner / regional trainer pmu academies worldwide to practice on mats and models. It is not possible to skip the presence pmu training with an experienced trainer guiding and teaching you on mats and models.

Can I get a good income with permanent make-up treatments?

Our comprehensive permanent make-up training has its price – just like our gentle pmu device with magnet-hub-motor and our pigments – but thanks to this premium permanent make-up training and top pmu equipment, you can offer your treatments in the premium price segment. After all, you have completed a well-founded training, which not only covers the necessary knowledge and indispensable skills, but also goes into depth.

Take a look at our free pmu treatment profits calculator to find out more on your income possibilities.

The training pays off after a few permanent make up treatments and even after deduction of the pmu material costs (approx. 35 euros depending on chosen technique, consumables such as disinfection, gloves, modules, pigments, etc.). The – compared to a cosmetics / beauty treatment – higher treatment prices (in the lower price segment around 350 euros, in the middle price segment around 450 euros and in the premium price segment up to 750 euros e.g. for eyebrow pigmentation) make PMU treatments particularly profitable. You can read more about this here:

Permanent make up treatments are always a matter of trust. Your client lays his/her face in your hands and trusts you to create a permanent make-up look that looks best for her. That is why we do not believe in (online) weekend trainings to become a pmu artist – we know that it takes a lot more and yes, also some investment – to learn everything it takes to become a pmu expert.

What do I need to get started?

The complete package of basic training and initial permanent make-up equipment with our Conture Liner DUO pmu device contains everything you need to start with permanent make-up services:

  1. Conture Liner DUO micropigmentation device with connection option for 1 or 2 BLU liners and the following basic equipment: elegant, top-stable, high-quality case, 1 BLU liner, 4 micropigmentation colours of your choice, 20 sterile packaged disposable modules, skin disinfection.
  2. If you start from scratch, you will need a treatment room with a treatment bed, table and chair and a treatment lamp.

What if I have questions after the training?

We are here for you! You can contact us any time by email or phone. We are there for you, regardless of whether you have just completed your training or have been working with us for many years. We also have many international Linergist® from all over the world in our closed Long-Time-Liner facebook group where you can get in touch.

Give us your trust and place your permanent make-up training in our qualified hands with 35 years of permanent make-up expertise and several thousand trained Linergists® worldwide. Rely on our extremely precise and gentle pmu device – made in Germany – and our high quality micropigmentation colours developed in our own laboratory – also made in Germany, with low allergy potential and of course complying with strict EU cosmetics and German tattoo regulations.



Discover LONG-TIME-LINER® techniques!


Ombré Eyebrows

The new trend technique in Permanent Make Up for perfectly defined eyebrows.



The new trend technology for absolutely natural-looking, perfectly defined eyebrows.


LashLine Enhancement

The new Permanent Make Up trend for a fuller and thicker looking eyelash line.

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