Lip Blushing for fuller looking lips

From injecting a filler (hyaluronic acid or other) directly in the lips to plump, using plumpers, fillers etc. – there are several options for increasing your lip volume, including tattooing.

When you think of a lip tattoo you thing about dark lip contouring with dark lip lines? This is a technique of the past.

The new permanent make-up lips look natural with just a very subtle lip line or in case of the new lip blushing method, drawn without a lip line. Lip Blush is a semi permanent tattoo that enhances the shape and size of your lips to make them look plumped and at the same time color corrects, too.

How is a micropigmentation made and does a (semi) permanent make-up last forever, just like a tattoo?

Contrary to what the name suggests, permanent make-up does not last forever. Other than a tattoo, with permanent make-up the colors are only injected into the top layers of the skin as shown in the video of a lip micropigmentation.

A tattoo device penetrates deeper into the skin, so the colors last “forever”. The devices also work with different technology, which is important to know and distinguish: a tattoo machine works with more force (hubs) and pierces deeper into the skin, a permanent make-up device works more precisely and gently in the upper skin layers. High-quality devices are characterized especially by the fact that the skin is less affected and no crusts form after the treatment, minimizing the riks of scarring or uneven color. Last but not least, you / your PMU Artist should only use permanent make-up pigmentation color that has been developed for the use with a micropigmentation machine.

Everything you need to know about a

Lip Blush Tattoo

Lip blushing is one of the currently hottest lip pigmentation techniques for naturally fuller-looking lips.

The goal is a subtle, absolutely natural-looking lip pigmentation within the natural lip contour with a delicate shading technique to make them look more contoured and fuller – even without lip filler / lip injections or the use of lip plumpers & Co.

A lip blush can be pigmented both very naturally in subtle (nude) tones (see image on the top) and in more expressive lip colors according to your wishes.

In the case of lip pigmentation, the desired color is brought into the upper layers of the skin with a micropigmentation device using a very fine needle injecting/implanting the color (but going less deep than with a tattoo machine). The video shows lip pigmentation with our Conture Liner DUO and the use of the transparent lip color POMEGRANATE from our Watercolor Lip Collection.

For whom is lip blushing particularly suitable?

This method is particularly suitable for anyone who naturally has a very light lip color to emphasize the natural shape so that the lips look even and fuller even without make-up. The pigmentation is very light and delicate, with a very gentle application, since the color should not be too opaque. To make the lips look fresher and “vivid”, a transparent somewhat more intense color can be chosen for the Snow White look.

What is the difference between lip blush and nude lips?

In the case of nude lip pigmentation, the upper and lower lips are first drawn over slightly with camouflage (skin) colors, so that they appear more even and larger, and then are pigmented in a natural-looking nude hue. In contrast to lip blushing, the nude lips method is particularly suitable for narrow, contourless and uneven lips in order to model them optically and very naturally.

How long does lip blushing last?

How long permanent make-up lasts depends on many very different factors. First of all, it is important to know that a PMU generally fades, but a residue of color always remains in the skin, it never completely disappears. LONG-TIME-LINER pigment colors are particularly colour-stable, but like all permanent make-up colors they fade after a few months/years. How much/quickly they fade depends on many factors: first and foremost the natural skin renewal process, then care, exposure to the sun and other external influences affect the skin of the lips, as do the color selected (opaque or transparent) and the intensity of the pigmentation. We therefore recommend a touch-up (refresh) app. every 1.5 years so that you can enjoy your lip permanent make-up for as long as possible.

What do I need to expect after the treatment?

The lips may be a bit swollen, but this usually lasts only a couple of hours yet depends a lot on the artists’ expertise and tools used. The first 3-4 days, the color will be vibrant and may look intense / dark. This is normal as an immediate or couple of days after result looks nothing like when the lips are healed. Once healed, the color fades approximately 30-50 percent and depending on the color chosen (high coverage or high transparency) will “melt” with the natural lip color. There might be scabbing and lips feel dry, make sure scabs peel and go off naturally – don’t peel yourself (otherwise you risk scarring and uneven lip coloration). Avoid sun exposure and sports for a week to give your lip the time to heal and help prevent scabbing. Also any dentist appointment should be planned to the time when lips are fully healed or a couple of days before the treatment. With the use of a LONG-TIME-LINER® pmu device, the healing should be done after approximately two weeks. If you have a history of herpes and/or cold sores, consult your doctor prior to the appointment to get a proper pre-medication if necessary.

What does a permanent make-up treatment cost?

Prices vary a lot. A lip pigmentation (semi permanent make-up) cost in the premium pmu segment usually ranges between 750 – 1.000 euros and with a Linergist®, a follow-up appointment within 3 months is usually included. But there are big price differences in the market, depending on many factors. However, the price should not be the decisive criterion for choosing the place to get the treatment – permanent make-up is a matter of trust! Look at the pmu artists’ work, check reviews, their pmu education background, the brand he/she is working with (colors, devices) etc.

When choosing a permanent make-up studio, pay attention to the following:

  • Training of the PMU artist (brand, duration, certified pmu academy e.g. TÜV) and years of experience
  • Which brands are used for pmu equipment and pmu colours?
  • Hygiene is the be-all and end-all, it doesn’t have to be a luxurious ambience, but it has to be clean
  • Detailed consultation, with a preliminary drawing, to see what your permanent make-up look could look like
  • Course of treatment (consultation, anamnesis, preliminary drawing, implementation, aftercare instructions, etc.)
  • Recommendation from family, friends or colleagues?
  • Are there pictures of the work of the PMU Artist?