How to take CARE of your Permanent Make Up EYELINER

Are you planning an eyeliner pigmentation or have you recently been pigmented?

We’ll tell you everything you need to know in order to have a stress-free healing process and to enjoy your beautifully pigmented eyeliner for a long time.

PMU Eyeliner CARE

PMU Eyeliner CARE

What should I expect in the studio right after my treatment? Which care products are given to me and which ones should I buy in advance (i.e. from a pharmacy)?


In the first 3 days after pigmentation please avoid:

  • Intensive washing, especially with washing substances (soaps, shower gel, harsh cleansers)
  • Sweating (sauna, sports etc.)
  • Greasy or oily care products (also oil based make-up removers)
  • (Intense) sun exposure (also solarium)
  • Makeup (Mascara, Foundation, Powder, Eyeshadow etc.)

Because the skin is very thin on the eyelid, you may see slight swelling and very slight bruising. These reactions are normal and generally safe and will be resolved within a few hours or a couple of days. If you are unsure or if your eyes are tearing, swelling or bloodshot, consult a doctor immediately.


After the first 3 days, you can use skin care products again, but please also be sure to continue to consider all of the above points until the skin cells heal (usually in about 2 weeks).

Please wear care products sparingly. Your Linergist® will gladly recommend suitable care products such as our Hydrogel or Aloe Vera Gel.


After about 2 weeks, the healing process is usually completed. Here are some things to keep in mind during that time and for another 2 weeks (as the delicate eye area needs special attention, we recommend not touching it for 4 weeks).

  • do not use any oily care products
  • do not use oil-based eye make-up remover
  • wait at least 4 weeks after your last follow-up appointment (usually the 2nd treatment) until you use eyelash serum again (the hormones in the serum may negatively affect colour retention and form)
  • do not use Lash Extensions or artificial lashes until 4 weeks after the last touch up

Here are some things to keep in mind to maximize the wear of your eyeliner.

  • Always wear sun protection with high SPF, especially on the pigmented areas
  • Avoid direct sunlight as much as possible
  • Avoid salty and chlorinated water as they will stimulate the fading process
  • Anything that speeds up the skin renewal process also speeds up the fading of the pigments in the skin
  • Remember your check-in and touch up date about 2 – 4 weeks after the initial pigmentation
  • The touch up ensures that the colour fading is controlled and the permanent make up pigments are better fixed in the skin
  • Schedule a touch up about every 2 years to check the colour and shape

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