How to take CARE of your Permanent Make Up EYEBROWS

Are you planning a permanent make up treatment for your eyebrows or have you recently had yours pigmented?

We’ll tell you everything you need to know in order to have a stress-free healing process and to enjoy your beautifully pigmented eyebrows for a long time.

PMU eyebrow CARE

PMU eyebrowCARE

What should I expect in the studio right after my treatment? Which care products are given to me and which ones should I buy in advance (i.e from a pharmacy)?

DIRECTLY after the treatment

Immediately after an eyebrow pigmentation, we apply an antiseptic product. It is a wound healing gel that protects and disinfects the pigmented area – which is now sensitive to external stimuli (comparable to a slight abrasion, but so light that no crust forms). Ideally, you should use this or a similar product 3 times a day for three days.


In the 3 days after pigmentation, please avoid the following in the area of ​​pigmentation:

  • Intensive washing, especially with washing substances (soaps, shower gel, harsh cleansers)
  • Sweating (sauna, sports etc.)
  • Greasy or oily care products
  • (Intensive) sun exposure (also solarium)
  • Makeup (Foundation, Powder etc.)


After about 3 days, the skin of the pigmented area will look a bit dry. Important: do not peel or exfoliate. Allowing your eyebrows to go through the natural healing process undisturbed will give the skin time to allow the pigments to “settle” and heal the pigmentation as evenly as possible.

After the 3 days, you can use skin care products again, but please also be sure to continue to consider all of the above recommendations until the skin cells heal (duration usually up to 2 weeks). Please use care products only very thinly. Your Linergist® will gladly recommend suitable care products (such as our SKIN SAVER GEL with MicroSilver BG (TM) and/or Vitamin E Cream).


After about 2 weeks, the healing process is usually completed and you can have your touch up appointment.


  • Use care products with acids (AHA acids, fruit acids)
  • Apply scrubs

Things to remember for a long wear of your permanent make up eyebrows.

  • Refrain from using scrubs, especially exfoliants with acids and harsh particles
  • Be very careful with treatments such as microdermabrasion
  • Always wear sun protection with high SPF, especially on your brow area
  • Avoid direct sunlight as much as possible
  • Anything that speeds up the skin renewal process also speeds up the fading of the pigments in the skin
  • Remember your check-in and touch up date about 2 – 4 weeks after the initial pigmentation
  • The touch up ensures that colour fading is controlled and the permanent make up pigments are better fixed in the skin
  • Schedule a touch up about once a year to check the colour and shape, adjust if necessary, but in any case to compensate for the fading of colour


– Before –

– After –

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