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Permanent Make Up Compact Trainings!

Your professional start into a profitable business

… for cosmeticians/beauticians or other related pre-education in cosmetics

Learn everything you need to boost your business with the lucrative micropigmentation treatment offers for eyebrows, eyes and lips and found a new business field in a growing market.

the professional education
with the market leader**

Permanent Make Up

  • is a top lucrative income opportunity
  • treatment prices in the permanent make-up
    premium segment on average 500 €
  • is a constantly growing market
  • pmu treatments are amongst the most profitable
    in beauty services

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Compact Training in 2 weeks

Difference between the basic training in 15 days versus 10 days

In this 10 day training part of the theory is prepared in homework prior to the training. The two training weeks at LONG-TIME-LINER® then combine pre-drawing techniques and intensive micropigmentation training concentrated without you having to repeat theory basics that you already know from your beautician/cosmetician education.

Especially the theoretical part in our permanent make up academy is focused on the pre-drawing techniques and colour theory as identifying and analysing symmetries is key to a harmonic micropigmentation result, paired with a profound knowledge and understanding of the micropigmentation colours, their composition and how they work depending on the natural undertone in every skin colour.

Dates & Costs

Please take into consideration that our compact trainings usually sell out quickly. They are being offered in German and English. We are always keen to keep this page as updated as possible – for questions and bookings please use the forms on this page or contact us at: email or phone +49 (0)89 242090-0.


€ 3.995.- *


Dates 2022
27. June – 08. July
18. – 29. July (fully booked!)
29. August – 09. September 
19. – 30. September
17. – 28. October
14. – 25. November
05. – 16. December


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    *Prices excluding VAT. With these trainings, the purchase of a CONTURE-LINER DUO pmu device is mandatory.
    **In the PMU premium segment in Germany. Source: Confluentes study Germany, June 2016.



    How do I benefit from this education?

    An investment in your success.

    Permanent Make Up

    • is a lucrative income opportunity
    • treatment prices in the premium segment vary around 500 €
    • is a continually growing sector
    • treatments are amongst the most profitable in the cosmetics business

    See how quickly you can earn back your PMU training investment – in profits!

    LONG-TIME-LINER® stands for

    • PMU education of a gentle, precise micropigmentation method
    • highest requirements and standards in regards to treatment level, hygiene, technics and pigments
    • a very precise and reliable pmu machine
    • REACH-compliant micropigmentation colours of excellent quality
    • PMU device and pigments Made in Germany
    • Premium PMU: treatment prices in the premium segment around 500 Euros (so that the education fees can pay off already after app. 20 new client treatments)
    • an international PMU Academy with 36 years expertise for professional education in the following micropigmentation techniques as a beginner: eyebrow hairstrokes, powder brows, lashline enhancement, eyeliner, lip shading

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