Improving the quality of life with
advanced micropigmentation techniques

With expert trainings in sophisticated camouflage techniques, concealing scars and reconstruction with 3D techniques offer a range of possibilities to make you feel better after a breast surgery – whether it was needed for medical reasons or it was your personal choice to feel better in your skin.

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Treatment techniques for breast micropigmentation

In most cases, breast pigmentation is needed after a surgical procedure. Both, after surgery for breast cancer therapy (e.g. mastectomy), as well as after breast enlargement or breast reduction.

Treatments are effected mainly on:

  • Scars on and around the chest and breast
  • Scars around the areola
  • Colour matching areola
  • 3D reconstruction areola and mamille

The value of an areola and the nipple reconstruction is a not to be underestimated as it can contribute significantly to an improved sense of life – especially in the case of mastectomies.

Our Permanent Make Up Encyclopedia offers you more in depth information about this very important aspect and technique of micropigmentation and what needs to be considered before a treatment.



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