The new Permanent Make up trend technique

For eyebrows that are absolutely natural looking and perfectly defined.

Our eyebrows have a strong influence on the expression of our face. They give contour to our eyes, they can be defined in a natural looking or expressive way and are constantly in the media due to new trends.

After Ombré eyebrows for a powdered-looking effect, MICROSHADING now is THE new trend in Permanent Make up: eyebrows that look full, absolutely natural and just a little bit like powdered. What if your clients wouldn’t need to create this look everyday by themselves, but could wake up with perfectly styled eyebrows?

LONG-TIME-LINER® technique

Our LONG-TIME-LINER® expert Linergists have developed an ultra-soft, as skin gentle as possible micropigmentation technique in order to fulfil the wish for a full, super natural looking and naturally defined MICROSHADING eyebrow.

MICROSHADING combines super fine hair strokes and soft shading. By pigmenting hair strokes and shading of different intensity with soft contours we obtain a very natural look.

The result

Full, perfectly defined and absolutely natural looking eyebrows.

What exactly is MICROSHADING?

The MICROSHADING trend was born from the clients’ wish for a perfectly defined and natural, but still lightly powdered looking eyebrow.

We picked up this Permanent Make up trend and optimized it for our device and colour pigments for an extraordinarily gentle micropigmentation method. Furthermore, the LONG-TIME-LINER® MICROSHADING method creates a 3D effect for the perfect MICROSHADING look.

What makes MICROSHADING with LONG-TIME-LINER® so special?

Form and contours of the eyebrows are determined by a very fine hair stroke design whilst a smooth shading, placed in the middle of the brow, creates a natural looking 3D effect.

The very gentle micropigmentation allows this technique to be used also for more sensitive skin types. The intensity of the micropigmentation can be adjusted depending on the clients’ individual type.


for your client

  • Ideal combination of fine hair stroke design and smooth shading for a very natural yet perfectly defined looking result
  • Stronger emphasis on the middle of the brow for a natural looking 3D effect
  • Smooth, natural looking contours
  • A new trend in Permanent Make up which is very well received and gives a natural looking result

Video & Step-by-Step

  1. Thoroughly cleanse your clients’ skin.
  2. Determine the optimal and type-correct brow bow depending on the shape of the face and the natural brow shape. Design the pre-drawing and tweeze the eyebrows if necessary.
  3. Choose the optimal pigment colour depending on the natural eyebrow hair colour. You can also choose a pigment that is one tone lighter than the natural colour of the eyebrows. This highlights a very natural looking effect.
  4. Determine the form of the eyebrows by pre-drawing the fine hair strokes. When form and colour are approved by the client, start with the micropigmentation.
  5. Start by pigmenting the fine main hair strokes of the pre-drawing from front to end of the eyebrow to secure the form.
  6. In MICROSHADING, you then pigment from back to front end: start at the end of the brow with the fine hair stroke pigmentation, then work your way to the front end of the brow part by part by alternating pigmenting and wiping off the pre-drawing: pigment a part, then wipe off the pre-drawing where you already pigmented, then pigment the next part, wipe off the pre-drawing etc.
  7. When the fine hair strokes for the form of the eyebrow are ready in the desired intensity, proceed by pigmenting the middle of the eyebrow with a smooth shading. This gives the eyebrow a 3D-effect. Make sure there is no harsh contour and that the shading smoothly blends towards the upper contour. When shading and drawing hair strokes always work very lightly towards the front end of the eyebrow.
  8. Check your MICROSHADING hair strokes and shading and make adaptations if necessary.
  9. Book an appointment with your client 2 weeks after the micropigmentation in order to check the result and re-work if necessary.

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