We receive requests from men and women all over the world on a daily basis who are interested in a Permanent Make Up training.

Besides questions about needed skills, about content and how long the trainings duration is, one of the very important questions that arises is about the earning possibilities and when the investment of several thousand Euros will pay off.

Basically, Permanent Make Up is one of the most profitable treatments in cosmetics. An absolute MUST for success and achievement of adequate prices is a profound training with top professional devices and specially developed pigments. But that’s not all: Permanent Make Up is about trust.

A good Permanent Make Up is individual, type matching and looks absolutely natural. Finest hair strokes, soft Ombré Shading for perfectly defined Permanent Make Up eyebrows, LashLine Enhancement or Eyeliner for a seductive eye Make Up and lips with kissproof colour from Nude to sexy Red – Permanent Make Up no longer stands for harsh lip contouring and heavy, thick eyebrows.

We at Long-Time-Liner® attach a lot of importance to the fact that you learn to micropigment a light, soft and natural looking PMU during your TÜV certified training, because every look can be intensified upon a clients‘ wish, but not vice versa. That’s why a sound training that lasts a couple of weeks is so important.

Permanent Make Up Training

The classic training way for beginners at Long-Time-Liner is as follows:

  • It all starts with a week in which you learn the theoretical basics and the pre-drawing technique. The pre-drawing technique is fundamental for a good micropigmentation as it is the basis and template for your work. Furthermore, your client sees how the Permanent Make Up could look on her and you are sure to fulfil your clients’ wish.
  • This training will be accompanied by the colour theory in which you learn all the essentials on how different pigments work in different skin types to pick the right pigment for your client.
  • This all will be followed by two weeks in which you will learn different eyebrow, eye and lip techniques on artificial skin and on models by using our PMU device – always accompanied by one of our trainers.

TÜV certified Permanent Make Up training

Admittedly, this profound, sound and TÜV certified Permanent Make Up training has its price – as well as our PMU devices and PMU pigments – but because of this premium Permanent Make Up training you will be able to offer premium segment treatment prices that are above average. But most importantly: you completed an education that deserves to be called such as you didn’t attend a Weekend Crash Course which doesn’t even superficially cover the needed knowledge and indispensable proficiencies.

As mentioned before: Permanent Make Up is about trust. Your clients lay their faces into your hands for a treatment that literally goes under the skin and which is intended to give them a look which will make them happy for years because it underlines and enhances their natural beauty or ingeniously covers small flaws.

Also helpful is the fact that nowadays Permanent Make Up is one of the most popular beauty treatments and many celebrities rely on this treatment to enhance their beauty – so also your business will benefit from this trend and help you to build a loyal customer base.

Give us your confidence and lay your Permanent Make Up education in our qualified hands with over 30 years of Permanent Make Up experience and several thousand trained Linergists® worldwide, a very precise micropigmentation device – Made in Germany – and pigmentation colours that have been developed in our own laboratories following EU regulations and with the lowest possible allergy potential – Made in Germany.

We look forward to meet you!

Find all information about our beginner training and optional advanced training courses here:
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Perfectly defined and natural looking eyebrows.

LashLine Enhancement

Fuller and thicker looking eyelash line.