Right now our eyes are particularly in the “focus” because it has never been more important to communicate with the eyes.

Our TOP 5 BEAUTY TIPS for fresh, radiant looking eyes

❣️ Moisture, moisture, moisture!

To prevent wrinkles, daily moisturizing is a must. In winter, the skincare can be a little richer and should contain as little water as possible to protect against the cold.

❣️ Gently pat

Very important in order not to strain the delicate skin around the eyes: gently “pat” the skin, preferably with your ring finger. Ideally, always gently pat from the inner corner of the eye towards the outer corner of the eye, this also counteracts swelling.

❣️ Brows On Point

Well-groomed eyebrows are important, so shape them regularly and colour/dye them if necessary. With an eyebrow permanent make-up, you can fill in small gaps and perfect the shape according to your type with techniques such as hair-by-hair, a gentle (ombré) powder shade or a combination of both.

❣️ Well-groomed eyelashes

You can take good care of your eyelashes, for example, by using for example castor oil to care and support natural growth. A serum can also support growth – but pay attention if you are planning an eyeliner PMU treatment, remember that you should not use eyelash serums at least 6-8 weeks before and at least 4 weeks after the follow-up treatment, as they impair the absorption of colour into the skin.

❣️ Eye makeup

With permanent make-up you can emphasize your eyes perfectly at any time: For full-looking lashes, the lashline enhancement is the ideal look – for a more expressive result, permanent eyeliner from subtle to shaded is the right choice. The best thing about it: The result is guaranteed to be waterproof and smudge-proof.

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