You are interested in Permanent Make Up, but you don’t have an overview on possibilities and treatments? We give you an overview on the most common techniques in Permanent Make Up.
You may have seen a friend or a celebrity wearing Permanent Make Up? You love the result and would like to know how it would look on you?

Permanent Make Up treatments – Before –

Permanent Make Up treatments – After –

First of all it is important to address to a trustful studio, which has pigmentation professionals that obtained a licence. A sound training is very important as it teaches over all – but not only – the pre-drawing technique (type matching, in harmony with the individual proportions and symmetries and of course the clients’ wish), colour theory in order to know how the different pigments react and act depending on the individual skin type and skin colour, including the undertones in the skin and last but not least exercise with the micropigmentation device, in the beginning always accompanied by a trainer.

We think that it is not possible to learn all this in a 2-3 trainings course that is why our Long-Time-Liner basic trainings lasts three weeks. Do also pay attention to the PMU device that is used. The more gentle it is, the shorter the healing process will be.

Permanent Make Up treatments

Permanent Make Up Eyebrows

Eyebrows can be pigmented with a shading or hairstroke design. The following two techniques are the most popular ones:

Powder Brows

A very fine variant of shading that looks as if the eyebrows were powdered. Shading can vary upon clients wish from subtle to expressive.

Ombré Eyebrows

When micropigmenting Ombré Eyebrows, the super fine shading is essential as well as the colour gradient from light to dark. Depending on the desired effect one or more colours can be used.


Very realistic and natural looking fine eyebrow hair strokes are designed that harmonize with the natural growth direction and the natural brow design.


Combination of hair stroke design and shading (can also be applied with the Ombré technique). The hair stroke technique defines the form oft he eyebrows and the shading is placed in the middle oft he brow bow to create a 3D effect.

LONG TIME LINER Microshading at:

Permanent Make Up treatments – Before –

Permanent Make Up treatments – After –

Permanent Make Up Eyes

LashLine Enhancement
Suitable for every woman that wants to create an appearance of thick eyelashes. It can be pigmented on the upper and/or lower lid line. A very fine line is pigmented along the natural lash line and between the single lashes.
LONG TIME LINER LashLine Enhancement at:

Perfect choice for an accurate eyeliner on the upper eyelid. Form and thickness can be individually chosen from subtle to expressive, straight or a bit more dramatic with a „twist“ by micropigmenting a tail.

Flamenco Eyeliner
Expressive variation oft he eyeliner with a curved tail at the end.

Shaded Eyeliner
Shaded version oft he eyeliner on the upper eyelid. Can be pigmented wide or thin, subtle or intense depending on the personal wish. For eyeliner as well as shaded eyeliners it is also possible to use different colours for a more dramatic effect and to further enhance the look. Also know as „Stardust Eyeliner“ or „Shadow Eyeliner“.

Permanent Make Up treatments – Before –

Permanent Make Up treatments – After –

Permanent Make Up Lips

Lip Liner
Pigmentation oft he outer lip line to make lips look more defined and perfectly shaped. At Long-Time-Liner, we also use the NUDE LIPS technique to enhance the natural lip look and make lips look fuller, more defined and perfectly shaped, yet with a super natural looking colour.

Lip shading
Classic micropigmentation treatment. After choosing the desired and type matching colour, the lip line is pigmented, afterwards the lips are fully shaded for a classic lipstick look.

Nude Lips
Long-Time-Liner® offer six nude colours that look absolutely natural to make lips look more defined, fuller and naturally fresh.

Ombré Lips
For a 3D effect that makes the lips look fuller. Soft colour gradient from dark to light from the lip line tot he middle of the lip.

Permanent Make Up trend techniques

Of course there are many trend techniques that we also offer depending on a clients’ wish, for example beauty marks, freckles or even small tattoos (that aren’t pigmented as intense as a classic tattoo so they will fade with time).

Camouflage Permanent Make Up treatments

Concealing techniques are also known as Camouflage treatments. We can conceal scars, optically re-created areolas with a very realistic looking 3D effect after breast surgeries, pigment skin for Vitiligo patients, lips with cleft lip and palate or Alopecia. We will write a separate Blogposts on the different camouflage treatments with more information soon.

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Permanent make-up means trust. Trust in the experience, training and also in a gentle treatment method and high-quality, tested products.

LONG-TIME-LINER has been a renowned and globally successful brand in the field of permanent make-up for over 30 years and we have trained more than 4,000 linergists worldwide in our TÜV-certified training institute.