A lipstick is a basic essential of almost every handbag and Make Up Collection. It gives shimmer, makes lips look more voluminous or gives a matte finish from neutral to expressive.

Unfortunately in most cases it leaves traces. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have an absolutely kiss-proof / smudge-proof solution to enhance your lips? This solution exists!

Permanent Make Up Lips

No matter if you like to fill and perfect your natural lip contour or if you want to emphasize your lips with a perfectly type matching colour that either looks super natural, only gives a hint of colour to make lips look more vivid or if you wish a more expressive look with an intensive, luminous colour: Permanent Make Up Lips offers endless possibilities.

When thinking about a permanent lip colour, most may think of the old-fashioned look with a hard, dark outline or even painted over contours… but nowadays a micropigmentation for the lips is type matching and looks super natural or super expressive, but without contrasting contours. It varies from absolutely natural looking to intense and sexy.

Permanent Make Up Lips by LONG-TIME-LINER

LONG-TIME-LINER is renowned for its lip colours and many professionals say that a Long-Time-Liner lip is immediately recognizable. Our collection offers a vast choice of lip colours that furthermore can all be mixed with one another – for a wide variety of colour options.

But that’s not all: every skin is different, that also applies for the lip skin. Depending on colour, undertone and condition the skin reacts differently to the PMU pigments. That is why it is absolutely important to address to a certified pigmentation expert for a lip pigmentation. Linergists® that work with the Long-Time-Liner® method have passed a sound and TÜV certified education in our TÜV certified training center that lasts several weeks. They know about skin colours and conditions and learned how different pigments are composed and how they work with various skin tones and undertones.

What possibilities do Permanent Make Up Lips offer?

If you have a lip contour that is not defined or if you want to make your lips look fuller then a Nude Lip pigmentation may be the right choice for you. Your lips look fresher, the contour is naturally defined and you can wear a lipstick on top depending on your mood and on the occasion.

You want just a hint of lip colour? Our selection offers various subtle colours and also transparent pigments like our Water Colour Lip Collection. An Ombré Lip shading adds optical volume to the lips and if you want an expressive look, now then you have found the right brand – our colour range offers colours from cool to warm, from light to intense, from transparent to high coverage. Plus, our Conture Liner DUO PMU device offers a very gentle application.


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