In many countries, wearing a face mask (from cotton face mask to FFP2 / KN95 masks) is obligatory in order to help prevent the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Whilst this is an important measure, prolonged wearing can cause a certain discomfort and irritate the skin on your face, especially on the masks outer edges.

Our skin experts recommend the following tips in order to help your skin looking healthy:

How to avoid Skin Problems from wearing a face mask


Keep your skin clean and moisturized. Ideally rinse your face with a gentle cleanser like our CLEANSING MILK before and after prolonged mask wearing. Put on a moisturizer that helps prevent skin from drying out as the moisture that lays on the skin when under the mask makes it feel tight and dry.


Treat rashes and impurities or breakouts. In order to help your skin fight against impurities and protect it from new breakouts, put on our SKIN SAVER GEL. It is not only our must-have product after a Permanent Make Up treatment, its properties make it also the perfect skincare to be used alone or in combination with your moisturizer. The patented MicroSilver BG™ it contains helps protect the skin from bacteria, Allantoin helps to heal rashes and breakouts.


Protect your lips from drying out under the elevated moisture level under the mask by using our SHEA LIP BALM. This rich, gently vanilla frangranced lip balm is rich in shea butter that makes your lips feel smooth whilst creating a superficial layer that helps to protect from the humidity under the mask.


Avoid wearing makeup. Besides soiling the mask, it can increase skin irritation.


Cleanse and dry or change your (disposable) face mask regularly.


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