LONG-TIME-LINER® permanent make-up courses for beginners

Rely on a renowned PMU brand for your PMU training. Top PMU products, a well-founded training system and a TÜV-certified PMU Academy with specially trained and skilled PMU trainers.

There are many permanent make up providers and a lot of trainers. It’s not easy to choose the right one for your PMU education. What is particularly important when choosing the PMU Training Academy?

Permanent make-up is a matter of trust

Customers trustingly put their face in your hands. In order to be able to offer your clients the best possible service it is important to have a sound training to get the needed knowledge and skills. Your talent and our pmu courses in combination with top products from a precise, gentle, high quality pmu machine to top pmu pigments and aftercare make you the perfect choice for everyone looking for a true premium permanent make-up treatment.

By choosing us as your partner company for courses, machines, colors and aftercare, you can rely on a brand that not only offers you great training and high-quality products, but that is also always available to answer your questions even years after you have completed your training.

&A LONG-TIME-LINER® permanent make-up training

What does the permanent make-up training for beginners at LONG-TIME-LINER include?

  • Detailed pmu color theory – this is essential in order to be able to select the right color for each customer based on his/her natural undertones, skin and preferences.
  • pre-drawing technique – the basis for a good PMU treatment
  • Step-by-step theory for every permanent make-up technique
  • Practicing the learned technique on exercise mats etc.
  • Application of the learned technique on models under the guidance of our experienced PMU Academy Trainers
  • More theory blocks on important topics such as: hygiene, marketing, social media, law

Which PMU techniques do I learn as a beginner at LONG-TIME-LINER?

  • Eyebrows (hair drawing and powder brows)
  • Eyeliner classic and lash line enhancement (infralashes)
  • Lips full shading

Are there also PMU machines and PMU colors made by LONG-TIME-LINER?

Yes. Actually, we’re quite famous for our pmu devices and pigments because of their high quality. The LONG-TIME-LINER pigmentation devices (PMU machines) may only be used by trained linergists. Only in this way can the LONG-TIME-LINER method be applied for a premium pmu experience from consultation to pre-drawing to the treatment and final result. 

Our PMU devices are characterized by their high precision and very gentle micropigmentation. For shorter healing processes and the finest pigmentation results. Our devices are Made in Germany.

Our popular, high quality and world famous PMU pigments are all REACH compliant. They are made in Germany and are characterized by high color stability, color brilliance, low allergy potential and a large selection. Each color can be used wonderfully alone. They can also be mixed for even more choice.

Do I need certain previous certificates or education for my PMU training?

No. We offer PMU basic training courses tailored to the respective previous knowledge. There are training courses for people with education in cosmetics (beauticians, hairdressers, makeup artists, etc.) as well as for career changers that are totally new to the beauty world. The courses and depth of theory differs accordingly. For absolute beginners, the PMU basic training lasts 3 weeks, during which the course program also includes composition and structure of the skin, detailed hygiene knowledge and much more. The PMU beginner training for people with previous cosmetic education is shortened to 2 weeks, as some theoretical parts that are part of other cosmetics education programs can be discussed in shorter time.

Why is the certificate title LONG-TIME-LINER gives actually called Linergist®?

Linergist® is a registered, protected term. Unlike the terms “Permanent Make-up Artist” or “PMU Artist”, only those who have successfully completed a certified PMU training at LONG-TIME-LINER in Munich may call themselves Linergist®. Alternatively, the certificate can be obtained from one of the LONG-TIME-LINER regional trainers e.g. in Germany, Austria or the USA. Internationally the certificate can also be obtained with one of our official franchise partners in numerous countries such as Poland, France, Hungary etc.


LONG-TIME-LINER® Permanent Make Up

For over 35 years we have stood for quality and safety made in Germany. That is why several thousand Linergists® in over 70 countries trust in our well-founded PMU training and advanced level education, the high-quality REACH-compliant and tested pmu colors as well as the particularly precise and gentle micropigmentation devices.

Our PERMANENT MAKE-UP TRAINING ACADEMY in Munich has been TÜV-certified for many years and is audited annually by TÜV Süd. We offer you comprehensive training courses for beginners and career changers alike. This includes intensive and detailed color theory as well as preliminary drawing techniques. In the PMU basic training you will learn how to pigment fine eyebrow hairs as well as the basics of powder brows, the subtleties of a delicate lashline enhancement and the classic eyeliner as well as lip shading including contouring. This gives your customers an ideal selection of popular permanent make-up treatments.

With our advanced level training courses, for example ELITE LINERGIST®, in masterclasses on trend techniques, concealing camouflage training courses (also for PMU artists who do not work with LONG-TIME-LINER) or in PMU and Microblading Remover courses, you can constantly expand your range of PMU services broaden.