LONG-TIME-LINER® pigmentation colours / ECHA / REACH regulation / EU cosmetics regulation – we answer your questions.

Pigmentation colours and the changes in regards to the REACH regulation have been a topic that has raised many questions in the last few weeks and months. In this context, we have received many questions from PMU Artists, which we would like to answer in a free webinar, in social media posts and in this blog post.

Q&A LONG-TIME-LINER® Permanent Make-up colours

What does REACH stand for?

  • REACH = Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals, i.e. registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals
  • EU regulation of December 14th, 2020 for the protection of human health and the environment
  • Regulates the production and use of chemical substances, also in relation to products of everyday life (e.g. clothing, electrical appliances)

What are the applicable REACH requirements?

  • All chemical ingredients must be communicated along the entire supply chain
  • This guarantees that manufacturers, importers, but also their customers receive information on the health and safety of the products used
  • This list is continuously expanded and the changes are communicated via the ECHA website

What does ECHA stand for?

  • ECHA = European Chemicals Agency
  • Responsible for the administration of all chemical data within the framework of the REACH regulation and the approval of substances of very high concern
  • Defines the permitted amounts of chemical substances
  • Ensures uniformity at Community level

Which REACH regulation is about PMU Pigments?

Regulation (EU) 2020/2081 of the Commission amending Annex XVII of Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) regarding substances in tattoo inks or permanent make -up

Are LONG-TIME-LINER® PMU colours REACH-compliant?

Yes, all LONG-TIME-LINER® miropigmentation colours are REACH-compliant.

What advantages do LONG-TIME-LINER® pigments offer?

  • Colour selection for all looks & techniques
  • Large selection of 72 organic and inorganic pmu colours
  • Perfectly coordinated nuances that can also be used by beginners without having to mix (e.g. Nude Lips Collection)
  • All colours can be mixed with each other for an individual, type-appropriate adaptation and maximum variety for (almost) every clients wish
  • Our 35 years of PMU expertise and the feedback from numerous linergists from all over the world flow into the development of each individual colour
  • High colour brilliance and stability from transparent (e.g. for aquarelle lips or candy lips techniques) to opaque (e.g. nude colours for perfect nude lips and lip blush tattoos)
  • High colour stability, therefore less rework
  • High efficiency – in combination with the BLU module of the Liner BLU, only a few drops are enough for a perfect micropigmentation result
  • All colours are REACH-compliant and always produced according to current EU guidelines
  • Made in Germany
  • Constant quality control of all colours by independent laboratories
  • All PMU pigments are free from PAK / NDELA and prohibited heavy metals and are not tested on animals
  • Each colour is sterile

Are the Permanent Make-up colours suitable for any permanent make-up technique?

Our colours are suitable for all looks and techniques. You can use a colour from our selection and, if necessary, mix it with any other colour from the range in order to customize it as needed:

  • Eyebrows (from Hair by Hair drawings to Ombré Eyebrows or Combo Brows)
  • Eyeliner from classic to decorative shaded as well as lash line enhancement (infralash tattoo)
  • Lips from naturally nude to full shading, candy lips, aquarelle lips, ombré lips and lip blushing
  • Concealing techniques (camouflage) for areola colour adaptation / 3D reconstruction, scar concealment, for vitiligo and for techniques for burn or acid victims

Do the LONG-TIME-LINER® micropigmentation colours have to be diluted?

No. For use with micropigmentation devices such as the Conture® Liner DUO or the STARTER, our colours have the ideal consistency and it is not necessary to dilute them or adjust the consistency. The viscosity of the colours is adapted to the respective application (e.g. eyebrows or eyeliner).

Which product should I use after treatment with LONG-TIME-LINER® pmu colours as pmu aftercare?

Our SKIN SAVER GEL has been developed as aftercare following a permanent make-up treatment and should be used for 14 days for the healing process. MicroSilver BG™ helps to protect the skin from bacteria and viruses, at the same time it is supplied with moisture and Allantoin supports the natural healing process.

LONG-TIME-LINER® Permanent Make Up

Since 35 years we stand for quality and safety Made in Germany. Thousands of Linergist® in over 70 countries trust in the well-founded PMU training and advanced classes, the high-quality REACH-compliant and tested pmu colours and the particularly precise and gentle micropigmentation devices (pmu machines).

Our PERMANENT MAKE-UP TRAINING ACADEMY in Munich is TÜV-certified since many years and the certificate is renewed annually by checks by TÜV Süd. As a beginner with a professional cosmetics background but also as total newbie, we offer you comprehensive training including intensive and detailed pmu colour theory and pre-drawing technique.

The signature LONG-TIME-LINER® micropigmentation method is known all over the world for its service, precision and quality. During our PMU basic training you will learn fine eyebrow hair by hair drawing and the basics of powder brows, the subtleties of delicate lash line enhancement and classic eyeliner as well as full lip shading including contouring in order to give your customers a permanent make-up look appropriate to their type.

With our advanced trainings, e.g. for ELITE LINERGIST®, in masterclasses on trend techniques or in PMU and microblading remover courses, you can continuously expand your range of PMU services with one of the leading premium permanent make up brands.