LONG-TIME-LINER® TRAINING ACADEMY – turn your talent into a rewarding career

Did you know that our company offers Permanent Make-up colors, PMU devices as well as trainings is based on not less than 35 years of experience? LONG-TIME-LINER® was founded in 1986, offering precise and gentle micropigmentation devices and high-quality pmu colors Made in Germany as well as the most well-founded, rigorous classes teaching you how to become a Permanent Make-up Professional. There is a reason why only after attending a signature LONG-TIME-LINER® PMU Training you become a Linergist®.

If you are looking for a permanent make up education with the highest standards in permanent makeup with a certified pmu academy offering a top professional setting by expert teachers, then we are the right place for you.

Our PMU education for beginners teach all techniques you need to start your successful and profitable permanent make-up career:
– Hair by Hair Eyebrows (realistic hair strokes)
– Powder Brows
– Lashline Enhancement
– Eyeliner (upper and lower lid)
– Lip Shading (full lip tint, including lip contouring)

Our sound and profound training does not only teach theory and practice of the above mentioned pmu techinques, but sets a special focus on the follwoing permanent makeup theory classes so that you will be able to find the ideal color and look for your clients:
– Pre-Drawing (Eyebrow Artistry, Eyeliner Artistry and Lip Artistry)
– Color theory (ingredients of every LTL color, how to match every skin tone and undertone, how to mix pigments) 
– Hygiene & Safety (steril workplace, hygiene procedures, sterile disposable modules etc.)
– Client Consultation
– PMU aftercare

As well as the basics on how to start your permanent make-up career:
– Legal Studies
– Marketing
– Social Media

Whether you are new to the world of beauty or already have experience in cosmetics (e.g. as Makeup Artist, Lash Stylist, Hair Stylist, Nail Designer, Beautician) – we have the right education program for you.

After your basic training we are here for you any time if you need assistance in your daily work. We do also offer a wide range of additional and advanced trainings to help you perfect your skills and learn new techniques. Offer new and more sophisticated pmu techniques like Ombré Eyebrows or Ombré Lips, Nude Lips and Lip Blush Tattoo or Shaded Eyeliner with our advanced classes for ELITE LINERGIST® or in our MASTERCLASSES.